There are countless details given by the yogis regarding the proper process of nutrition, ranging from how much and what food one should eat, how much and when to drink, how to chew the food taken in and ultimately regarding the entire process of food assimilation and digestion.

In broad, we want to point out that a yogic diet generally avoids all animal products harshly, including meat, fish, milk, eggs and all other animal products which you can else think of. Hence, the Yogic diet is mainly plant and vegetable based.

In addition, all types of addictive and/or intoxicating substances are to be avoided. This includes alcohol, cigarettes, pharmaceutical and other drugs, coffee as well as sugar among others.

Furthermore, the yogis point out the utter importance of drinking the proper amount of water daily, which assists in digestion and overall hydration of the body. Here, it is to be said that one should not drink a large amount of water at one time, but rather constantly take small sips of water throughout the day, and even whilst eating.

The science of proper breathing tremendously aids one’s digestion, assimliation process and the overall intake of Prana, and should be paid careful attention to. The full yogic breath sends Oxygen as well as Prana to all parts of the body by activating the three Bandhas (Muladhara, Uddhyana and Jalandhara). The breaths flows in an upward, wave-like motion from the bottom, Muladhara Chakra, upwards to the head, Sahasrara Chakra, thus sending energy to the brain and enlarging one’s awareness manifold.

Just like plants, does also the human body require the daily intake of sunlight, in order to absorb Prana and aid digestion. Hence, it is vital to get a certain amount of sunlight each day, hence ideally yoga is practiced out under the open sun.

Lastly, the body requires a certain amount of exercise in order to stimulate the digestive system, distribute the assimilate food throughout the body evenly, and get rid of stuck toxins in all parts of the body. Ideally, this exercise takes place in form of a yoga practice both in th morning, shortly after sunrise, and in the evening, shortly before sunset.